The World L6+ Timeline: 1st half of the year 2021 update

The Covid-19 pandemic continued to strongly affect the world in the first half of the year, but it did not significantly affect our difficult challenge, so this update brings wonderful 16 new fields and complements 2 more built in the past by ENL and reported now. The update covers the period from January to June, but also includes one field from December, which was reported later in this half of the year. 💫

During this period, the fields were built halfway by the baseline method, but the most interesting is the use of the Matryoshka event, which allowed linking under the field. Using this temporary effect of the game, 4 L6+ HCFs were created, one of them even L7 ! Also for the first time ever, the ratio of fields by faction is almost balanced, contributing almost half of the fields by ENL (7: 9).


Although you can find something interesting on every single registration, this time I would highlight two L7 projects. It is interesting thing is that both belong to ENL 💪💚 and both will not be repeated easily, either due to an event or due to the breaking of the collocated portals.

First, in the Matryoshka event, came 🇨🇦 Canadian ENL project (#sitrep). What the agents outlined in RES operation in Tokyo in February 2018 by building all the lines of the traditional L7 HCF (but without achieving homogeneity because it is not possible according to the standard rules of the game), this Canadian team succeeded thanks to the temporary effect of the Matryoshka event. At the moment, it is probably the only L6+ HCF built differently than the method of collocated portals.

The second ENL project in 🇵🇱 Charlotte Valley, Poland (#sitrep) also includes the L7 HCF, this time using collocated portals, yet exceptional. This uniqueness lies not only in the fact that it is probably the smallest L6+ HCF ever and at the same time probably the first solo L7 HCF, but also in the fact that at one top of the field was a classic double portal and in the middle of the field was a quintuple portal! Thanks to a simple scheme of the classical L2 HCF and thanks to five portals on top of each other, 6 layers were achieved inside the field, and thanks to the double portal as one of the peaks, the seventh layer was obtained.

Our congratulations go to the first L6+ HCF ever in 🇵🇹 Portugal (ENL) and 🇸🇰 Slovakia (RES) and the first green 💚 L6+ HCF in 🇫🇷 France and 🇵🇱 Poland!

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