The World L6+ Timeline: 2nd half of the year 2020 update

Summer has brought some parts of the world some relief from the Covid-19 pandemic, while autumn has tightened again, yet this update brings some highlights among the 17 new homogeneous fields. The update covers the period from June to December. 💫

During this period, the fields were built two-thirds “from the baseline” method and most of the others by “through the core” method, we also have 3 solo HCFs, one even once through each portal solo HCF. ENL contributed a whole fifth of the fields to the total number of HCFs. But what’s more, we have 2 world records here!

Probably the most interesting project of this period is the “Mannheim double field” in Germany (#sitrep). Sorry records holders. 😜😇 The beauty of building two L6 HCFs at the same time combined with the fact that each had a different color really closely beats the fame of the other two projects. Really wonderful work, both in terms of the final effect and in terms of the complexity of coordination and preparation. 👍

But now to the mentioned cHCF records (collocated HCF). First, after 5 months, our international record was broken and in 🇵🇱 Poland, RES agents 💙 built L9 HCF with the world’s first used triple portal! The excellent work garnered well-deserved congratulations, but even the ink on them has not slowly dried and it has returned to this league again after years 🇯🇵 Japan, and really in style! After less than 2.5 months, not only were their operations performed by only 2 agents without an operator, but it is straight away 💙 L12 HCF on a combination of three double portals! Congratulations and enjoy your triumph!

Homogeneous fields have conquered a new continent, we have the first South American HCF! This field is also interesting in that it was built by a single player during loooong 9 weeks! Congratulations head to 💚 ENL to 🇧🇷 Brazil!

Our congratulations also go to the first HCFs in the countries: 💚 L6 HCF in 🇧🇪 Belgium and 💙 HCF in 🇩🇰 Denmark!

In the last update, I mentioned an interesting phenomenon and the fact that a lot of HCF without operators started to be built. This trend not only did not slow down, but on the contrary strengthened from a slightly more than half majority to almost 75% of all fields in this period.

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